Lovely day with my mother

9:00 pm

Okay so some weird crap has been going on lately. Last night I had a dream of my Nana (Mum's dad). I had never met him before, he died before I was born and I had a dream that I had to touch his feet (sign of respect) and then I hugged him and I started crying, bawling my eyes out. It was so real, I remember hugging and feeling his back shoulder blades. And then he said "nahi ro beta" which means "don't cry, child" in Hindi. And I told mum and thats exactly what he would say. And I woke up crying. It was a wonderful dream, I felt really connected to my Nana, even though I have never met him. If I could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, it'll be him. I wouldn't choose a celebrity, I'll choose him.

Then Mum and I went to an Ashram to celebrate Krish Janmastmi but it was empty and kind of spooky. So mum and I went back in the car and started searching up another temple to go to on our phones. We did this for about 5-10 minutes, then a car drives up so we were like omg wtf. And it was the priest and another woman. AND OMFG I used to ALWAYS serve this woman at my work (local fruit shop), which I resigned to like Sunday yay. But anyway, we were about half an hour away from home (and that fruit shop I used to work for) and I see this lady like out of all people, I don't know many people but I see this lady half an hour away! Lovely lady, her husband is rude tho.

Then the 3rd weird thing that happened to me is the Ashram. It was more of a house, turned into an ashram. I have seen the inside of this house/ashram in a dream a few months ago. But it was a negative dream, there was a fire, the police came and yeah thats all I remembered. But the inside of the house was exactly like in my dream. 

We did our prayers then went to have lunch at an Indian Restaurant. $20 to feed to both of us. Food was really good. The naan omg I want some more.

Then we went to Poco which is like an Ikea. Bought some candles, bulbs, coat hangers, random stuff.

That was my day!
3 weird stuff happened.
What the hell is happening.

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  1. I really can relate to your dream!
    My poppy passed last November and although I've met him I had a very similar dream where he hugged me and told me everything would be fine & it felt like the most real hug it was just insane!

    Loved your post it was lovely!! :)

  2. Haha omg! High five for weird dream ;) I have them all the time, not sure where in my brain they come from but they're certainly...strange... :///


  3. OMG freaky stuff going on with you, Girrrl! haha That's such a lovely thing with your Nana, my mum's dad also passed away before I was born (just a few months before, actually) and I always find myself thinking about him and how lovely it would've been to meet him!

    Just started following you on GFC and on Bloglovin! xx

    1. aww thats sweet about your nana.
      I followed you back! :)



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