Lovely day with my mother

9:00 pm

Okay so some weird crap has been going on lately. Last night I had a dream of my Nana (Mum's dad). I had never met him before, he died before I was born and I had a dream that I had to touch his feet (sign of respect) and then I hugged him and I started crying, bawling my eyes out. It was so real, I remember hugging and feeling his back shoulder blades. And then he said "nahi ro beta" which means "don't cry, child" in Hindi. And I told mum and thats exactly what he would say. And I woke up crying. It was a wonderful dream, I felt really connected to my Nana, even though I have never met him. If I could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, it'll be him. I wouldn't choose a celebrity, I'll choose him.

Then Mum and I went to an Ashram to celebrate Krish Janmastmi but it was empty and kind of spooky. So mum and I went back in the car and started searching up another temple to go to on our phones. We did this for about 5-10 minutes, then a car drives up so we were like omg wtf. And it was the priest and another woman. AND OMFG I used to ALWAYS serve this woman at my work (local fruit shop), which I resigned to like Sunday yay. But anyway, we were about half an hour away from home (and that fruit shop I used to work for) and I see this lady like out of all people, I don't know many people but I see this lady half an hour away! Lovely lady, her husband is rude tho.

Then the 3rd weird thing that happened to me is the Ashram. It was more of a house, turned into an ashram. I have seen the inside of this house/ashram in a dream a few months ago. But it was a negative dream, there was a fire, the police came and yeah thats all I remembered. But the inside of the house was exactly like in my dream. 

We did our prayers then went to have lunch at an Indian Restaurant. $20 to feed to both of us. Food was really good. The naan omg I want some more.

Then we went to Poco which is like an Ikea. Bought some candles, bulbs, coat hangers, random stuff.

That was my day!
3 weird stuff happened.
What the hell is happening.

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