Indian Vibes

12:05 am

I consider myself as a Fijian-Indian, born and raised in Australia, but I've been to Paris more times than I have been to Fiji or India. What I've been noticing in the past season is the bigger demand for Indian style clothes. Indian clothes consists of multiple colours, multiple patterns and loose "flowy" material.

I feel like if I wear them, I might look fresh to other Indians, but trendy to Australians. "Westernised" clothes from India look like these below and are at least 60% off these prices, but they're not ready available to us like these brands.

Here are some of my favourites. All prices are in AUD.

Dress from Boohoo ($36)

Playsuit from Cotton On ($39.95)

Pants from Boohoo ($24)

Dress from ASOS ($60)

Bag from Zara ($49.90 USD)

Dress from Tigerlily ($189.95)

Maxi Dress from Roxy Australia ($89.99)

My favourite is definitely the dress from and bag from Zara. If only the prices were Indian prices.

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