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I just got back from paradise and coming back to rainy cold Sydney was the last thing I wanted to do. I went to Fiji for the weekend for my dad's brother's funeral in Suva. I didn't know my Kaka very well, but it broke my heart when my dad cried. We went to support my papa and to say our goodbyes. Although it was a depressing time for us, Fiji still managed to give us some happiness in this hard time. I've seen sunsets from around the world, from Egypt at the pyramids to India overlooking the River Ganges. Fijian sunsets are like no other in this world.

One of my uncles owns a car rental, two holiday apartments and a cafe called the Salad Garden (below). So whenever we go to Fiji, we have accommodation, a car and food always waiting for us. My other uncle also owns holiday apartments and a music store. My mum's brother in law (another uncle) manages Nadi Primary School which my Nana (Grandfather) built. My Nana was also the mayor of Nadi Town in the 70s. My Nana's father once owned Denarau Island, which he then sold it, and now it is used as a tourist island with resorts, golf and tennis courses, outdoor shopping etc. So we always have a good time when we go to Fiji as we own a lot of the town!

Fiji is such an amazing country with such friendly people. If you do go to Fiji, or anywhere really, don't forget to explore the culture and find adventure in the local town. This is what really annoys me about tourists. They stay in the resorts and all they do is eat, sleep, swim and tan and they think they've seen the real real Fiji; people really need to get out there and see the real Fiji, not just the tourist side. Support locals, not tourists scams.

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