YSL Beauty Night Out

8:00 am

On a Friday morning, I got the train from out west into the city just to pick up tickets for a YSL Beauty event. I got to the YSL counter at 12:40pm when they were allowed to start giving out tickets at 1pm. Only the first 500 consumers can get tickets and they sold out in just half an hour. So after just literally picking up tickets, I took an hour train ride back home, which was super annoying.

I had to skip a class to go to this event, which seemed like an alright thing to do hahaha. The event was meant to start at 7pm but we ended up getting in about 7:40pm and we started to queue up around 6:50pm so almost an hour of just waiting around. The people who were invited by the PR agency, Sarah Humphries PR got to go straight in and obviously, they got the better treatment than the consumers who had to go out to get the tickets themselves in the first place. That's what annoyed me most about this event, there was a clear barrier between "VIP's" and consumers. There was even a rope and bouncer for the VIP section so no peasant can get in to say hello or take a photo with the celebrities. I went with my classmate because we have an assignment due next Thursday so we made our assignment kind of based on this event. We had to think of an issue and explore it, so we chose bloggers vs PR (I'm doing Masters in PR). We wanted to ask the bloggers questions about their posts and their relationship with PR, but with a clear wall between us, we couldn't even get close to them.

Warren from The Boy in The Black Bow Tie and Cissy from The Girl in the Bunny Ears were walking around our section (I don't know why, the VIP area seemed so much cooler) so we managed to talk to them. They're so so so lovely and I can't wait to meet them again at Fashion Week. If someone can give me like model lessons, that'll be great hahaha I have no idea how to pose. I met another beauty blogger (I won't name her) who I have met before when I was working PR at a Sephora event, but she's super weird and hyper... maybe she was tipsy and actually weird.

When the Facebook event said Makeup Stations, I thought of the full makeover like primer, foundation, mascara, blush, but it was only their Vernis À Lèvres Plump Up Glossy Stain and their new Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick, which they were promoting and what the whole event was about. So it was really hyped up, would have been better if they said Lipstick Station or something like that, because that is what it actually was. I ended up buying a lipstick and lip plumper with a free pink makeup bag. Also the lip plumper is great. When the makeup artist put it on, my lips were like va va voom baby.

We were also fed macarons, which were beautiful and amazing. I did see that the VIP's also got alcohol, which we had to pay for. A free drink at entry would have been really nice.

Flight Facilities performed as well which was pretty cool and at the end, Town Hall kind of turned into a party/night club/concert with everyone dancing. This was the only time the consumers could mingle with the VIP's as we were all in the same room. I unfortunately couldn't find any bloggers I was familiar with to interview and take photos with.

In the goodie bag I got Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking and Parisienne Eau de Parfum, plus $15 gift voucher and little booklets about the lipstick. 

I got 48 Smoking Plum with my initials engraved, which is a cute personal touch. I tried on a bright pink at the makeup station and 3 hours laters, there's still a stain on my lips which is amazing. It's so hard to find a lipstick that stays on all night. Bonus points if the shade looks great with my skin tone.

Thank you for a lovely night, YSL. Next time, try to include more goodies for the consumer. I wanted a beauty night out, not a marketing gimmick.

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