Morning Routine

1:19 pm

I usually wake up really late but anyhoo, heres my morning routine. 

First off, I wipe my face with So Fresh Towellettes 30 pack Vitamin A and Chamomile. I got this from Gloss and it was like, 3 packs for $5 or something like that. Does a great job at removing my makeup and it instantly makes me look more fresh. LOVE IT.
I loooove the Body Shop. I used to be a consultant so I still have heaps of leftover products. After wiping my face, I use Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish, which is $23.95. It's quite exfoliating so I don't even think the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion ($32.50) is even necessary. But my skin does look brighter and feel softer. And I smell like oranges yay.
Also, The Body Shop Australia is expensive compared to The Body Shop in the UK. The Clensing polish here is about $24 and in the UK, it's £10 which is about $17 omggg.
Another Body Shop product of mine, Vitamin E Moisture Cream ($24.95. Again, its 17 AUD in the UK). I think it's liquidy and runny but it does the job of moisturising. And since it's gooey, you don't need a lot  so this can last you a while.
The night cream I think is better because of more solid and it feels really really moisturising. But I'll do a night routine another time. :)
Himalaya is such a great company. If there was no Body Shop, I would spend all my money on Himalaya. This Lip Balm is so moisturising and it lasts for about 3 hours if I wasn't eating. So I usually put this on after breakfast. For some reason, my lips always go blue/purple, but when I put this on, my lips go back to a pretty pink colour, like I was wearing lipstick. I love Himalaya.
And this is my breakfast! 
Food: GoldenVale Special Flakes - Red Berries from Aldi with sliced bananas
Drink: Warm water with lemon
Vitamin: Swisse Women's Ultivite Formula 1. Hate the taste. But it's good for ya. And I just found out that Swisse also have skin care products. A facial cleanser is about $10 for 125ml.

Here is my favourite thing in the whole wide world. My rabbit, Bugs. Shit name but one day I will get a girl bunny and name her Lola and they will fall in love and hopefully not make hundreds of babies, although that would be so cute. He's 5 or 6 and I adore him. Now I know how parents feel about their children.

That was fun.
Taking photos and editing and writing this up took a while tho lol

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