Fashion Weekend Sydney

11:53 pm

So last weekend (Thursday 15th May - Sunday 18th May) I volunteered as a dresser for Fashion Weekend Sydney. I applied through Miro Door, and they never post any jobs/internships/volunteer work, probably once a month. So I set an email alert so I can quickly get in there and apply.

Event: Fashion Weekend Sydney
Location: Royal Hall of Industries
Date and Times: 
Thursday 15th May: 3pm to 8.30pm
Friday 16th May: 2pm to 8.30pm
Saturday 17th May: 9am to 4pm
Sunday 18th May: 9am to 4pm
Meeting Point: Backstage entrance
Dress: All Black, flat closed toe shoes
Duties: dressing models backstage

It seemed like a simple job to just dress the models, but everyone told me that it's very fast paced and very stressful. It was quick paced but I got into it, had fun with it and had a routine so it was not stressful at all.

My model's name was Valentina and she was so lovely. Everyone told me that models just stand there and expect you to do everything, but she helped me out :)

And she follows me on Instagram now so yay :')

I also took a selfie with Margaret Zhang, who is a wonderful writer, stylist, photographer and blogger. She has over 168k followers on Instagram (@margaret__zhang), 9k followers on Twitter (@Margaret__Zhang) and almost 11k likes on Facebook. She was so cute omg she was always dancing and bopping around with the models, even though the models were all 5"10 and she's about 5"3, just like me haha

I also got to meet Miss Annie Pop! She is so incredibly beautiful in real life omg, and she's so so sweet. She actually commented on one of my posts on this blog saying that she loves my blog design :') I found her blog from one of the Her Fashion Magazines.

Unfortunately I couldn't watch the actual runway show, but here are some photos from backstage-

A whole new side of me came out when I was dressing Valentina, I would have probably did everything slowly and be like, "uhh do you need help, are you ok, do you want me to do that/anything" but I just got in there and did my thing woo. I'd love to do this again :)

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  1. such a great post and it looks like you had a lot of fun !!


  2. I want to see what happens at the backstage of fashion shows. Some say its chaos but I don't think of it to be that much. And your model is so beautiful.

    1. Apparently this one was pretty chill, it's usually more chaotic, so I was pretty lucky as this was my first!
      Yes, she really was, inside and out :)

  3. how fun! it would be so exciting to even go to a show let alone help out and meet everyone!
    Allison from

  4. Oh my gosh this looks a dream, such an amazing opportunity!

    Would love it if you could take a look at my blog and even follow!

    Chloe xx



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