Bathe like a Goddess

7:00 pm

 Almonds are not only extremely good for your insides, but almond oil is nourishing for your hair and moisturising for your skin.
I got this bottle from the Indian store (so it's cheap haha) and it's more for hair but you can add about 2 tablespoons of this in the tub.

 Again this olive oil is moisturising for the skin, making your skin healthy and silky smooth. I got this from the Body Shop (my obsession) and its really good cos you can use this for your face and hair as well.

Shea oil/butter is so amazing. If I could recommend any body butter, it'll be shea. It's more moisturising than coconut and it smells amazing.

MILK! The ultimate ingredient to bathe like a Goddess. I heard that milk makes your skin lighter, brighter and makes you glow. Maybe thats why they say Cleopatra had milk baths.

So almond, olive and shea oil and milk = skin left smooth, soft and moisturised. 
Don't forget to exfoliate and moisturise afterwards!

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