I'm in Singapore!

6:23 pm

Singapore is such a beautiful city/country. Its right on the equator and people always think its waaay too hot but I think its perfect. I'm out wearing my sundress and thongs and I don't have to carry extra baggage (my coat).

And you can just sit by the pool and hang out. We could go in those weird Tipi cacoon like things and sleep or read. It was heavenly.

One of the best coconuts I've had was in Little India, Singapore. It wasn't too cold (because I have the flu, I didn't want any cold drinks or even ice cream), it was sweet and the flesh inside was delicious. And it was only $2.

My clean eating started on Friday and I'm gonna gym and look good. I had peanut butter/nutella and sliced bananas, fruits, fruit juices, and a chocolate muffin, cos you know.
It was sooo filling.
I kept forcing myself to have a big breakfast, which I think was probably a bad mistake. I've read that you should only eat when you're hungry and to eat slow so you know when you're full. And when you feel full, stop eating haha.
But you're meant to have a big breakfast?!

$2 sushi from the shopping centre next door. I got one with salmon and one with crab.

I also got a $100+ facial, using Aveda products and its pretty good. My skin before was extremely dry and sensitive and this facial made it a lot better. 
I don't usually like spending a lot of money on facials because I know natural products are just as good for cheaper, but you gotta splurge on yourself at least once a while.

Every single year, I think everyone should go to somewhere tropical like anywhere in South East Asia or in the Pacific, just to chill out, get cheap massages and facials and drink lots of coconut water and lay on the beach and do nothing, waste time.
Everyone needs to chill out.

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  1. Gosh that sounds like such a relaxing holiday! And awesome to see another clean eater :P

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, if you'd like to take part give the link below a little click and it should reveal all!



  2. Great post, keep it up

    Please check out my recent post :)


  3. My family moved to Singapore last year - it looks amazing :)
    Cute blog - following you now!
    Keep in touch!
    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  4. Your breakfast looks so amazing, makes me hungry! And that sushi... <3



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