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4:43 pm

Hotel products - are they even as good as the products we buy?
The L'oreal Mythical Oil was from the August Her Fashion Box, so that was from my own thing.
The brand, Elemis is said to be "the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand" and apparently its €17 for a 300mL bottle :O
My hair is still a bit damp but omg its so soft. For the first time in like 3 months, I didn't use a deep conditioner or treatment, so that says something haha. I keep touching my hair and running my fingers through it haha

I also used the Elemis Bath & Shower gel. This is pretty good, it lathers up so well and it was like I was being washed with clouds or some shit idk it was gorgeous and my skin was so soft afterwards.

Elemis Hand and Body Lotion is what I need after a long hot shower and it does the job of moisturising my hand and slowing down the aging process. So I like it :)

This was a 4.5 star hotel called Park Royal in Singapore and they used 4.5 star products. So stock up on hotel samples cos they're ALMOST as good as your expensive products.
Oh and they all smell amazing, thats important :)

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