The Great Mascara Experiment

8:14 pm

I love long eyelashes, so here is my experiment!

Curled my lashes and applied Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Looks so long! Next time I'll do a before after shot on another brand of mascara, but I was just so excited to start this, I forgot to take a before shot haha
Loving it so far.
Like really, really loving it
Went out at 12pm.
Had an eventful day!

7pm came to big long lashes!! The lighting in my mum's room is so crap, idk why but I look angry hahaha. Maybe I was just tired from a long day.
I seriously didn't do anything else to them, like I never reapplied mascara or curled it again. ahmazing.
I think the next thing I'll experiment on is my eye bags :(

Soooo everyone should get the MAX FACTOR FALSE LASH EFFECT MASCARA
I swear to God, it will be the best decision of your life.
These people should pay me
Free advertising right here.

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