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Can you tell how happy I was at the British Museum?! 
Especially at all the Egyptian artefacts omg. But I got pretty mad at the fact that Egyptian artefacts are in England, not Egypt. I went to Egypt 2 years ago and I found the Sphinx's nose in the British Museum today hah.

 Trafalgar Square!
It was quite crowded and a great spot for tourists to do touristy things like give money to buskers and take lots of photos (and photobomb other people's photos). But yeah lol thats all. Still extremely pretty tho :)

 Sushi Train yay
I was craving Costa's chicken fajitas so I had that before hand haha
My friends and I sent a note on the conveyer that said, "Do you like Sushi?!" Then some little kids got it and took like 15 minutes to write something on it and we missed it the first time. When it went on the other side, one of the workers took it away :(
But yeah my £1.90 cucumber sushi was pretty good. Needed salmon or tuna in it tho

 It's just a squirrel lol

Photography opportunity

 British Museum yay. We got here like 2:30pm... I wanted to get here at like 10am and people kept telling me to spend all day in here cos there is so much to see and you cannot do anything in like an hour. It was really annoying cos my friends made me walk to the station instead of just getting a bus to the station (Took us a freaking hour to walk).
So next time, I think i'll go to London by myself and explore the museums and galleries by myself. :)

 The detail D:

 "Enlightenment room"

Streets of London is gorgeous.

Sorry I've been slacking off, last week was freshers week so every night I was going out clubbing (which I am so sick of right now) and I will put a post on it very soon :)

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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like a really fun day, I absolutely love museums. That squirrel is a cutie too :P

  2. aww i love london so much, my Fiance proposed to me there. Glad you had a great trip.




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