8:36 am


Pink ombre.

I bet her ends are dead

Why does her hair look healthy tho

Purple to blue to green. If I was a wild child

Pink dip/tip (?) dye. If I was a wild hipster teen.


I think I might have an obsession with ombre

Natural dark ombre

For me, I think its perfect (!!!)

I've done this before and I would def want to do this again


These were in the fading stage so it was going a bit rusty. But I want this hair again!

Freshly made

Brown ombre. Go natural? I remember I had a nap before I took this photo hahaha

Purple tips? This is prob my favourite outfit too. I miss my high waisted jeans, it kept my belly in :(


Im not over the hair dying tho 
Bought hair dye from Asda today and I will put it on Thursday so hopefully it turns out good ;)

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