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9:29 am

Just wanted to share a bit of what I do and hopefully get discovered by Vogue or Harpers Bazaar then I have to go live in New York City, London or Sydney (home) for my job.
Hopefully :)

Something I had to do for my Photomedia class. Lyrics are from the song Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey.

A magazine layout I had to do for my Design for Print class :)

Something I made for the people back home. 4 months is a very long time to be away from loved ones.

 Got bored of waiting for uni to start so I made this
Another uni assignment. Got HD! (meaning pretty much 90%+)

Another uni assignment. The photo is meant to be b/w so idk

Made these last 2 for my boss from Her Fashion Box. A bit of a personal request, wasn't a busy day so I made this for her :)

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  1. These are really good :) You're very talented, I'd love to design magazine layouts!



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