Student Exchange Monthiversary

10:49 am

So I have been in England for exactly one month now (omg) and it still feels unreal, like it's still orientation or freshers week. It feels like uni hasnt started yet, so keep partying, keep making new friends and act like you just met them and it's not time to stay in my room and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. It's kind of like, I havent settled in yet and I keep waiting for more and more better things to come, but this is it. This time right now is the time I've been waiting for, since year 9 I've wanted to travel and study in another country.

I've gotten used to almost everything like my room, my routine, my flatmates. I haven't been that homesick yet. Like I really miss going into my parents' room and watching tv with my mum or going in the loungeroom while my dad watches his footy and I'll play sims on the computer. But I know I'm going to get this all back very soon and I need to cherish this time now and learn responsibilities and independence.

My main worry I guess is just food. Like I don't want to get used to eating noodles and pasta and wraps  and chicken pie all the time, but thats all I ate back home and I never got sick of it. I feel like also my flatmates would kind of judge me on my dinner, I mean I know they wouldn't because they don't care, its just dinner, but I watch how everyone else makes their dinners and they put lots of veggies and they take a lot of time prepping their food. I don't have the patience really. I don't remember where I was going with this, but I do know, I won't get tired of my breakfast. Sliced bananas with everything.

Laundry is okay too, like I don't know why but every Friday night, some of my flatmates and I go downstairs and do our laundry. But they always have lots of laundry and I just have jeans, some shirts and bedsheets (I'd rather wash underwear by hand than a public washing machine). Doesn't take that much space lol, am I doing something wrong? Thats what I think about everything, about food and laundry. Everyone makes everything complicated and I'm doing everything so simple. I'll find out later in my exchange if I'm missing something...

But literally so far, with just a few words I can sum up this month with: clubbing, flatmates, friends from around the world, friends from Australia, drinking, exploring my new town, learning the accent, public transport, Costa and Asda, talking to people from back home every single day, "I should really clean that", and tv shows on weekday nights.

I think this month and the last month of my exchange will be the best months of my teenage life. Next month and the month after is just all about uni. But I like my subjects so it should be easy. And it's just PASS-FAIL yay. Still going to go hard out on my Photoshop class and Indesign class. Italian and Film Criticism, maybe not so much.

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  1. Congrats on your new adventure! I wish you the best in school and on your stay abroad. Don't worry about being different in regards to your eating habits, but also be open to new way. Talking from experience being the new kid in on the block. Veggies are good for you after all. :))


  2. awesome blog post!!!
    so interesting to hear of your uni experiences :)



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