Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut

3:02 am

So yesterday, i tried out Montagne Jeunesse Creamy Coconut mask and omg its amazing.
It's hydrating goodness of fresh Coconut Water is to moisturise and hydrate, and includes super smoothing Shea Butter. I love Shea Butter so much, it smells amazing, the smell isn't as harsh and strong as coconut and to me its more moisturising than coconut butter.

It was like £1 from Asda and all I did was wash my face with my Body Shop's Vitamin C cleanser (which also exfoliates a bit) then put on the mask for about 15 minutes.

As soon as I took it off, my flatmate told me my skin looked brighter and it felt smoother and amazing.

Then I put on my Body Shop's Vitamin E night cream.

But in the morning, my skin wasn't that smooth as it was the night before. It was kind of still bright but not as glowing, ya know?

So I went back on the Montagne Jeunesse website and bought some whitening masks, dry skin masks and a breaking out mask and they should hopefully be here soon yay!!

I'm starting to fall in love with this company. They use natural ingredients, like the Body Shop and I think most, if not all of their products are vegan and dairy free :) :)

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  1. Wow, sounds like it really worked. I'm a mask lover myself. I love coconut and Shea Butter too. Will give it a try.


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    -Lindsey :)

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  4. Just started following your blog on GFC and LOVE it! I can't wait to see what else you post! Great tips!




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