Strawberry Facial Mask

9:41 am

I just did a strawberry facial mask and I feel gooooood
I didn't even mush it all together, I just took a bite out of one and put the strawberry all over my face (lol). 
I thought it was going to stain my face since I had strawberry juice all over my face, but when I took it off after about 20 minutes, it made my skin glow and it made it brighter and it was just so wonderful haha.
It did make my face a bit dry though, but I just used my Vitamin E eye cream and night cream and omg it made me face so smooth.

Definitely trying this again, maybe in 3 days.

I also recently learnt that from 9-11pm, this is the best time to do facial treatments because your skin temperature is higher and the surface layer is more porous, allowing for greater penetration of active ingredients. You need to start by washing away makeup and grime to prevent clogged pores blackheads and breakouts. So the treatments we do and the night creams we use penetrate faster and work better.

I'm sure you can use other ingredients with the strawberry mask like yogurt and honey. Haha eat some and put some on your face. Actually eating lots and lots of strawberries with yogurt and honey can make you glow on the inside. So eat lots of this.

And don't forget to moisturise!

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