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I know Amsterdam is spelt without the N, please don't think i can't spell hahahaha
So last week I went on a mini Europe trip through my uni and the first stop was Amsterdam. 2 nights before we had an end of semester party and I didn't realise but I got back to my room at 4. I still had to pack so I skyped James and packed my bag at the same time and ended up sleeping at around 5:30am. I had to get up at around 7am because I booked a trip to Bath and Swindon which is in south west of England. So I ended up getting only 1 and half hour of sleep for a jam packed day and I slept maybe 1 or 2 hours on the bus. It was a lovely town but such a tiring day. Then I got home around 9pm and the bus for Europe was leaving at midnight so I was like yay 3 hours of sleep. But instead I ate and hung out with my flatmates and did a facial of my new Aveda intensive hydrating mask (which is amazing btw) and ended up sleeping for half an hour. Lets just say, when I got to Amsterdam, I probably got about 5 hours sleep in total of 2 nights and I'm so used to getting my beauty sleep of 8 hours each night haha it was horrible.
Anyway here is Amsterdam. Some photos are mine and some are of my friend's/flatmate/neighbour, Chris :)

One of the most amazing experiences I've done in Europe. It was so unbelievable and seeing her photos of the movie stars on the walls made it seem so real and unreal at the same time. This experience was so surreal.

I came to Amsterdam when I was 2 with my parents and took a photo like this so I tried recreating the moment. I was wearing a red coat and I was a lot smaller haha

Apple Strudel in the Christmas Markets aaahhhh the cream haha

Amsterdam canals at night. So beautiful.

Red light district. Pretty funny when you're with friends

I looooved Amsterdam. I would go again and again and again. and maybe again.

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  1. Your pictures are perfect! Especially the Canals.

    1. omfg wait a minute, i follow you on tumblr :O
      thank you btw :)



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