Australian Bridal Fashion Week

7:00 pm

Besides the child models, volunteers and some models, I was definitely the youngest one there. But lucky it was all media so they were all here for a purpose to sell, not to buy these wedding gowns.

So on Thursday, I emailed the event asking what time media comes in for the show and I get a reply saying the show starts at 10am. So I rock up to Australia Technology Park near Redfern Station the next day, ready to shoot and the girls at the door say they're still setting up and the show for media starts at 12pm. I was sad I missed the opportunity to sleep in but I roamed around Sydney for 2 hours and came back at 12pm. But that's ok, it was all good in the end.

Here are some of the photos I took of the show-
Johanna Johnson

Jessica Ridolfi, Chadwick Model Mgt in Liz Martinez

 Mariana Hardwick

Nikki Walsh, Chadwick Model Mgt in LUOMO

Sarah Isis, Chadwick Model Mgt in Avari Couture Collections

Forever Vintage

Forever Vintage

Vivienne Barclay in Tanya Anic

 Nahida Alayan

Sant Elia

 Stellina Cute Couture for Children.

 Beautiful finale

The kids joined in with the finale as well, which was super sweet.

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  1. These are spectacular Australian bridal fashion week photos. All the dresses are really beautiful. At the local New York wedding venues I will be getting married soon and would love to have one of these dresses. Thanks for sharing inspirations.



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