Toni Matičevski at MBFWA'15

7:00 pm

Maticevski is an Australian fashion designer based in Melbourne. This show was on at 1pm on a Tuesday and this show was PACKED. I saw people from Lindy Klim to the Stenmark Twins to fashion editors to magazine editors to PR directors to fashion designers like Carla Zampatti!

This show was so massive, I couldn't get a spot in the media pit, so I was kind of at the back behind the set. The background I got of the models was not the best, but here is a photo of the set up. It was so beautiful and it was my favourite runway set up from the whole MBFWA! The runway was white and glossy, and the backdrop was white and geometric.

Source: Margaret Zhang,

Metallic and robotic

 About 10 models were carrying these snow globes with floating flowers in them


Sarah Pauley from CHIC Management is definitely the quirkiest, funniest model I've met

This is why some people question fashion. Why? And where? And how?

But then you see outfits like this and you think, ah this is why. FASHUN.

I have been watching Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 8, and I just realised in past few days that this model is Abbie Weir! She is one of my favourite models of the show because she is so fun and quirky! Cycle 8 is 100 times better than Cycle 9, mainly because Charlotte Dawson and the more entertaining models. But mostly because of Ms Dawson 🌹

This show made me realise who the rudest kind of people are in the fashion industry. It's photographers. Photographers are actually massive assholes. I was standing behind this big guy and he didn't care that I was small and could have easily gone in front of him. We both would have gotten our shots. And he had two cameras, one on his shoulder when he's shooting and his damn shoulder camera kept hitting me. Photographers don't care about people around them, they just want to get their shot. Even when they've gotten their shot, they won't let you have a turn. They'll just stand in your way, making you miss your opportunity.

Models and designers after their show are actually the sweetest.

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