17 tips on how to be an AMAZING Fashion Intern

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So at the moment, I am a Fashion PR Intern for Tailor Maid Communications and NAC Media Group, two wonderful fashion PR agencies in Sydney.

Tailor Maid Communications
  • People here are SO sweet. I get along with everyone and they treat me like a colleague rather then an intern.
  • The chief maids (bosses) are so incredible. Everyone including the bosses learn my name and they actually talk to me about their personal experiences, their likes and dislikes, their weekend, their week and so on.
  • The office dogs, yes dogs, run up to you when you first enter the room demanding some love and attention, even though all they get is love and attention. The pug absolutely loves me, but the Cavoodle (I'm pretty sure) walks away from me and only wants her mummy! She's still super cute though.
  • When a blogger or editor comes in for a showroom appointment, because the office and showroom is under the one roof in one big office space, you can see how the publicists work, what they say to these people and generally what goes down in a showroom appointment.
  • They let you be involved with events! They probably have an event once a month, and they ask you to help set up
  • They generally want you to learn and see what happens in the PR industry. Unlike a lot of other places where they just want someone to do the odd jobs like coffee runs and returns all day.
  • No pay, but sometimes you can get free clothes, shoes, jewellery, magazines, food, event tickets etc. I mean you don't get all of this every day. One day you might get a magazine, the next time, you'll get some boots, another time they had an event and there was some leftover cake and cookies.
  • Their clients are more to do with streetstyle with Jag, boohoo.com, Glue Store.
  • They have a beauty showroom as well so you can learnt about Beauty PR. It's a lot of send outs.

NAC Media Group
  • The freedom is the best bit. We get briefs from editors and stylists and they let us pull out clothes from the showroom.
  • We have a computer set up for us, including Outlook where we get emails from editors, fashion assistants and stylists. We can also email them about call backs so we're already networking with other people.
  • The other publicists here are not as friendly as Tailor Maid. They know you're an Intern so they know you AS an intern. The receptionist I would say is, not the rudest, but she definitely not the friendliest. Every morning when I come in, I smile at her and she glances at me then looks away. Same with everyone else really. No one else knows my name except the Showroom Manager and Coordinator. These two girls are lovely though, always willing to give us advice on life and always there if we're stuck on something. They take really good care of us!
  • The boss also doesn't know her interns or any of our names.
  • The office dog is gorgeous. Not friendly, as in she doesn't come to people willingly for a pat. She's kind of like a cat. But she's super cute.
  • The showroom is in another room, so when there is a showroom appointment, the doors are closed, so I actually don't know if these people do the same thing as Tailor Maid or if they say different things. But they always offer them water.
  • NAC was really involved in MBFWA, but the interns didn't do anything to help out. I've been here for three months now and I haven't helped out with events or showings. But because they were so involved with Fashion Week, they invited me to a show! I'm not sure if it's because I work for Miro Door, or if they like me as an intern, but I don't think any of the other interns got an invite, so that's pretty amazing.
  • You get paid $25 for transport and lunch which is so generous. It costs me about $12 to travel to and from and lunch is usually about $10. But then I get a fruit salad and a tea so it costs more than $25 but that's still ok! I'm still very happy about that.
  • Their clients are more formal and designer, with brands like by johnny, Tommy Hilfiger, Matches Fashion, Rachel Gilbert.
NAC Media Group Showroom

  1. Always arrive 5-10 minutes before you start.
  2. As soon as you walk in, say good morning to everyone!
  3. Never leave before 5pm, or whenever you're meant to finish.
  4. At the end of the day, like 5:01pm, always ask, "Is there anything else you need help with?". This is usually when they'll be like, "No, that's it, you're free to go home!"
  5. Never hover around waiting for tasks to do. If you're bored, clean up everything then ask, "What's next" or "What else is there to do today?"
  6. If you really want to step up your game, you can ask if they would like a coffee, tea or water or anything out of the blue.
  7. When there's nothing to do, go through all the racks and put all the tags inside so it doesn't show and button/zip up everything.
  8. Show initiative and don't complain. Everyone started out as an intern.
  9. When you have to run out to do an errand, don't use this time to use your phone, walk slowly and waste time. There are tasks for you to do and you can't take your time on things like this.
  10. Always double check. If you're not sure, ask how it is done. It's always better to ask rather than doing it all wrong.
  11. With bagging up with garment bags, always tie it up at the top. Never make a hole at the top. It's quicker and easier.
  12. Watch Running in Heels, it's about three interns at Marie Claire in USA. And Kell on Earth, which is about a PR devil running her agency in New York. You will learn so much from just 8 episodes
  13. If you're running late, give them an email to let them know, even if you're going to be five minutes late.
  14. Don't wear jeans and a tshirt to your internship unless you style it well. Dress smart casual, but dress comfy. Don't wear those boots you know kill your feet after 4 hours. You're going to be running and standing around, so dress comfy.
  15. Don't ask silly questions. If they ask you to get something from the first cupboard, don't ask where about. They're probably don't have time to explain where it is, and it's a waste of time explaining when they could have just gotten it themselves. Use your common sense.
  16. Listen very carefully when they're explaining tasks to you. Write it all down if you can't remember. I hate repeating myself so they probably do too.
  17. It's always fun to talk to the people in the office about their professional and a bit of their personal life, like where they interned and how long, travelling, how long they've worked here etc. Networking!

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