Jayson Brunsdon at MBFWA'15

9:35 pm

Jayson Brunsdon at 2pm on Tuesday. This was the first show I got to sit right up front and centre in the media pit. It was amazing! Getty Images, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, ELLE and many more had tags on the floor to let everyone know that this little square is only for people who is from this company. Miro Door didn't have one, so I was sitting on a step in front of Getty Images. 

One of the photographers at Getty Images was actually my first uni Photomedia tutor named Jennifer! It was so lovely that she still remembers me after four years. I saw her last year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in September at Sydney Town Hall and again here. I asked for some advice and she started out by saying that her nephew or son (sorry Jen, I don't remember!) read a book called "everybody poops". And this gave her confidence in talking to celebrities. It's better to order them around and tell them how to pose rather than run up to them like a fan and be like, "oh my god, can I please take your photo?!" This way they respect you as a photographer and you'll get a better, more professional and posed model shot rather than a smiling-for-a-fan photo. For me, this will take some getting used to. I can't just go up to someone like Carla Zampatti and tell her how to pose! I know this will take some time and practice.

Here are some right up front and centre photos of the show! The clothes were amazing and beautiful. But the hair, styled by Richard Kavanagh with Redken, was messy and frizzy, and the makeup was dark and eery. Everything was quite gothic, there were bouquets of roses in black buckets too.
I think I'm in love with the skirt on the right.

Ping Hue from IMG Models

 Valentina Ruby Sykes from CHIC Management

Gothic bucket of roses

For the finale, the lights turned off and rose petals starting from the ceiling. It was magical.

Petals kept falling while the Madison Stubbington leads the finale

Valentina walking in the middle, and model behind her on the left is Taylah Roberts, a model who got disqualified from Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 8 because she attacked another model, who actually lived in my small suburb! Such a small world. LOOK AT HER NOW.

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