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2:52 pm

When I was in Andorra in December last year, I bought the cutest stripe tee from Zara. It was only €5. That was an $8 shirt from Zara from Europe, a country which I would never go again because there isn't really anything there + no taxes so the shopping was even cheaper. Anyway, I wore it all throughout my European holiday, then I came home and put it in the wash. SOME BODY put a red shirt in the same wash and my beautiful European Zara basic tee had red blotches all over it. I tried washing it out and soaking it for days, but it was too late. My favourite basic tee was destroyed. So now I'm shopping for a new favourite. 

Please note that some prices be rounded up like $30 when it's actually $29.95.
I'm not a massive fan of Beyonce, but I really want the Ivy Park shirt!

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