Bec & Bridge at MBFWA'15

7:00 pm

This was my first ever Fashion Week and it's amazing to say that I have been in the fashion industry for less than a year and I'm already taking photos for some of Australia's biggest designers. All unpaid for but still an amazing experience. Maybe one day someone who pay for my photos. But I think it is too much pressure for photographers in the media pit at Fashion Week to always get the shot. Getty Images, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, to name a few; they need photos of the clothes, shoes, accessories and of the model. I was one of four photographers for Miro Door so I had a chance to play around and experiment with the angles.

At 1pm, Bec & Bridge was the first show I went to as a photographer. I planned on going to five shows, starting my day at 11am for the Tome show, but I was very very sick with the flu and first day of lady business, which meant killer cramps, hunger every 2 hours and nap was required around midday. It was my biggest regret that I only went to two shows, but I'm still surprised I even got out of bed.

Rebecca Cooper and Bridget Yorston are the masters behind Bec & Bridge. I never studied fashion and I don't know anything about materials or techniques, so here are a couple of photos I took.

The runway

This is the Cosmopolitan Fashion team! Nicole Adolphe, Fashion Director, Deni Todorovic, Interactive Producer/Photo Editor, Lotta Backlund, Senior Fashion Editor, Nicole Lucas, Junior Fashion Editor. In the back behind Deni and Lotta is Lauren Pirreca, the Fashion Office Coordinator. I did a week long work experience at Cosmo two weeks before. Deni recognised me which is so lovely, and I see him now and then around fashion events and at my new Internship at Tailor Maid Communications. I love to be remembered, making my mark in the industry!

Nicole Pollard from Chic Management

Astrid Holler will be one of the biggest models this year. I first saw her at Fashion Festival '14, and I have to admit, I didn't like her look. It's very strong and intimidating, but I think that's want designers look for.

Valentina was the first model I have ever met and the first model I had to dress at Fashion Weekend the year before. You realise how amazing life is when you can see yourself moving up in the world and you see people who you first worked with. It's so motivating.

Everyone's favourite dress from the show worn by Marthe Wiggers

Rebecca Cooper and Bridget Yorston of Bec & Bridge

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