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9:19 pm

I had one of my best friend's afternoon tea party on Sunday to raise money to cure breast cancer. Because it was one of my longest best friends, I was just going to go in jeans and a hoodie because I thought I would be more 'chill' with her. But when I saw mum all ready to go, she was in a floral dress, jewellery, makeup, the works. So lucky I changed though or else I would have been very underdressed.

Dress is from boohoo.com and pearl earrings are from eQUIP Accessories for $4.99
The dress is unavailable online but ONETWO and THREE are very similar.

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  1. Such pretty pictures!! I would love to come back to your blog and looking forward for your next post!

    Maybe we can follow each other.
    Lots of Love.



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