Oscar De La Renta at MBFWA'16

10:20 pm

The Oscar De La Renta show was the most anticipated show of MBFWA for 2016, but was actually less busy and less crazy than Misha Collection (with Bella Hadid) and Di$count Univer$e (with rumoured Miley Cyrus that we may have spread... hahahah oops #noregrets #wehadgreatseatsanyway). 

I got an invitation to the show so I was super excited. I'm thinking I got invited because I used to intern at the PR Agency that runs the whole Fashion Week and Oscar show. The PR Director, who I worked free for five months, looked me in the eye and she still couldn't recognise me πŸ˜•

I actually overheard someone ask if Oscar was here as well. Well, yeah his ghost maybe.
I will keep this invite forever. Until going to shows like Chanel, Dior and Gucci becomes a regular thing for me.

The show opened and closed with a Victoria' Secret Angel, Shanina Shaik. She is a stunning woman! I honestly have to say though, she looked quite mature in this show. Maybe it's the hair and her humble smile compared to the flirty laugh with her pearly whites we get at her regular Victoria Secret Fashion shows. What an amazing life to have to look back on, to be a Victoria's Secret Angel. 

Etihad flew Shanina home. Book your next Etihad experience with Mamita - mamita.mishra@travelmanagers.com.au.

Here are some of the designs from the show.

Print overload

Clutch Details

Lots of florals with Emma Macgowan, IMG

Graphic Liner.

 Floral Lace

I took a selfie with Yaya about a year ago at a smaller fashion show. She's really cool! I think most models are really nice though, I mean why wouldn't they be, they have a great life. Lucy from season 9 of Australia's Next Top Model is a bit of a drama queen. I asked for a quick photo as she was going somewhere and she threw a bit of a tantrum.

It was a beautiful show and I'm so glad I got to experience it. Now I can say I've shot for Oscar De La Renta.

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